We are 2amigOS!

A nimble group of nerds that love what they do,
and what we do is design, architect and build applications large and small.

At 2amigOS! we believe that honesty is the only policy. That there should be simplicity in solutions, and that design should be natural and intuitive. Most of all, we believe in the relationship between effort and quality, and that what you put in is a direct correlation of what you get out. We believe this for building all applications. This is our mission, whether we are building an app from the ground up or rebuilding a legacy enterprise system into a modern platform. We provide code reviews, application development services, custom software development, data analysis and database architectural design. We are also strong supporters of the open-source community, and with that in mind we contribute to them, as often as possible while building ourselves a heavy arsenal of tools and libraries to get any project launched, lean and mean.

We are a team that takes pride in every line of code written, while being agile enough to get our clients' projects accelerated to launch. This is not just about the work. It is about building strong relationships and creating great things together. It's about the enjoyment of satisfied clients and a job well done.

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Our Services

Code Review

We know that it can be pretty tough to gauge how your team is doing, in terms of quality, speed and structure... or even how your product will perform or scale when finished. We can help you evaluate your current code base and advise on how to improve.

Web & Mobile Development

Using our own arsenal of libraries and tools we build well-balanced, scalable, lean apps that are both sophisticated and modern. We work with a strong belief of beauty in simplicity and intuitiveness in UX. We have a large tool belt, and will bring the right tools to your job.

Managed Hosting

We have some serious devOps chops on staff. We can provide fully managed cloud hosting for your apps. Whether your application was built by us or not. Other cloud hosting services offered.

Corporate Image Design

Your company/product image is pivotal to your success! We begin by collecting valuable data about your business and your product(s). After discovery and research into your field, target audience, mission & vision, we help you build and present an image to the public that projects your products and services in the best possible way.


We build relationships, and not just apps. We can support your applications and teams throughout the product's lifecycle. Even if we were not the team that built the product. We have expertise in a broad range of technologies in web, mobile, database and enterprise development. Whether it is ongoing maintenance or an urgent troubleshooting session. We can be there for you.

Responsive Design

Google recognizes three different configurations for building mobile ready sites. Responsive design is Google’s recommended design pattern. Our designers would help to fulfil Google's expectations by keeping in mind structure, navigation, consistency, usability, content placement and content clarity.

Data Analysis

The base of any well-performing stable app is its data, structure and how it's queried. We have experience in several database technologies and the know how to get the most out of your data.

System Upgrades

Is your system using old code, buggy and/or nearly obsolete? Do you wish to embrace the cloud? Do you want to take advantage of modern methods and technology? Would you like to save money by eliminating manual processes or outdated methodologies? We can assist you to rebuild that legacy process into a smarter value adding application.


Finding a skilled temporary or permanent developer that's right for your company and/or project takes effective screening and exceptional recruitment skills. Over the years through projects and our open-source work we have built the relationships to know who's who and leverage that into identifying good talent.

Our Portfolio

How We Work

When it comes to the way we work we like to keep things simple, and simple starts with a single word. Transparency. To remove guesswork our clients know what we are working on at any given time. They have access to the source code and the team throughout the entire process.
Discover & Plan

We will come to you prepared with notes, establish our lines of communication and ask questions. A lot of questions. We will discuss goals, and together set the project plan. During this phase we will also mock-up screens and go a few rounds to ensure that all objectives are set.

Design, Build & Sprint

We'll take those mock-ups from the previous step and start solidifying a design. Deliverable milestones will be established. We work in 1-2 week sprints, and provide you with updated versions during each sprint to get you feedback. Constant communication is key to a successful build.

QA, UAT & Again

QA and UAT testing will be continual all through the Build & Sprint phase to make sure any required modifications, any issues and/or tweaks are spotted and dealt with early. At code complete your team will work with ours to make sure the applications is all set and launch ready.


After final testing, we work with you to create a launch plan. We understand that this can be a nerve-racking time. No worries. We stay and continue to support you throughout the launch process and after, as you on-board your users. Your end-user satisfaction is the true value of the application.


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