Andy Bogdanov

cutting edge web techniques

Hello There, I’m Andy Bogdanov.

I'm a web developer with more than 6 years of experience. I always focused on results, so trying to solve client’s problem fast and using best practices. I'm aware of modern web-based technologies and the majority of them had experience with. And I really appreciate the opportunity to learn new things. I prefer to work with frontend part. But also in case of interesting project i could create a great backend. I work shoulder-to-shoulder with professionals in team. Have experienced with customers, project estimating, developing solution for business, real-estate and startups.

You can email me at

My specialization :

  • — Flexible and extensible HTML/CSS coding, including HTML5/CSS3, SASS/LESS
  • — Frontend / backend php-development under Yii 1.x.x. / Yii 2.x.x frameworks
Willy Wonka

Listed below are my experience and skills:

  • — native PHP 5.* / 7.* code beyond standarts;
  • — SASS/LESS structured code, responsive markup, CSS Frameworks, Bootstrap 2.*, 3.*;
  • — MVC frameworks: Yii 1.x.x/ Yii 2.x.x;
  • — JavaScript (ECMAScript5), experienced with ECMAScript6;
  • — Sketch: UI prototyping, creating mockups and wireframes;
  • — Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks Graphics optimization, retouching, design refinement;
  • — Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, NPM, Node.js;
  • — Git, Github
  • — Assembla, Hipchat, Google Hangouts, PHP Storm;
  • — PHPUnit, Codeception, Composer;
  • — GNU/Linux at the web servers. Administrating own VDS Server on Digital Ocean

Download my Yii2 Application Development Cookbook: